nanoShark TNP Textil Nano Protect

Hydrophobic and 3d nano protection

TNP has been designed as hydrophobic/oleophobic protection of woven and unwoven textiles, carpets, etc. Based on Fluor polymers, it creates invisible, very thin, self-cleaning hydrophobic film with the protection of
further impurities, mineral and limy sediment and also water and oil. It avoids moss, algae and moulds
spreading and creates sanitary surface. It protects against atmospheric effects, yellowing, rots oleophobic and solar radiation. High resistance to textile aging.

  • Long-lasting hydrophobic/oil phobic protection
  • Excellent prevention against stains, dirt and UV radiation
  • Elongates the service life and material tolerance
  • High stressability and long lasting protection
  • Fast drying

Base: solvent
Packaging: AEROSOL 500ml, 5L, 20L, 200L